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Lets talk Subwoofers

Things to Consider Before You Buy A Subwoofers!

Home Cinema Subwoofer

When trying to recreate the magic of the cinema in the comfort of your own home you will require a few key pieces of equipment to create that perfect home theatre set up, most importantly a subwoofers one of those key pieces.

Once you have picked your method of viewing the next challenge is producing the sound to accompany it. An essential part of any movie experience is the combination of the picture you see, with the sounds that you hear and feel. Your new home theatre should consist of front and rear speaker, in addition to a subwoofer.

When you’re in the cinema watching those expensive special effect explosions it is the subwoofer that allows you too ‘feel’ those booming vibrations which make them an absolute must-have.

The subwoofer creates the lower end of the audio spectrum better known as bass. Most loudspeakers cannot handle these deep, detailed and rich bass sounds on their own, this is where the subwoofer comes into its own.

Home Cinema Subwoofer



There are two main types of subwoofer available; the passive and the active or powered. The passive subwoofer will rely on an external amplifier for its power source, this is an important point to consider as extreme bass will require more power to create those low-frequency sounds. When selecting this type of subwoofer it is essential that the amplifier or receiver has enough power to handle these demands.

The power needed will be determined by the requirements of the speaker and the size of the room. As the name suggests a powered subwoofer is a self-contained unit containing the speaker/amplifier configuration in a single unit. This set up will eliminate the problem of insufficient power.

Subwoofers come with all sorts of different technical specifications and design variations; however, the type of subwoofer you choose should also be influenced by the characteristics of the room and your own preferences. In a very large room, it may be best to integrate two or more subwoofers. Once you get your selected subwoofer home it’s worthwhile to experiment with its location within the room, it is surprising the effects moving it few inches in either direction can have on the sound quality.

If you get a chance to try before you buy, you don’t want to hear that well-known thump-thump of bad bass, that is a sign of volume at the expense of quality. A good subwoofer should be able to reproduce deep sounds realistically and accurately. As that well-known saying goes it is quality vs quantity when selecting a subwoofer, more bass does not always mean better bass.

The Bottom Line

Despite all of the technical specifications and design factors of subwoofers, the type of subwoofer you choose for your system depends on the characteristics of the room and your own preferences. When you go to a dealer, take a favourite DVD and/or CD that has a lot of bass information and listen to how the bass sounds through various subwoofers.

Home Cinema Subwoofer by Compact Audio, Made in the UK

One of the few subs designed and built entirely in the UK, the SUB10 active subwoofer delivers accurate deep bass for home theatre and music applications. It is primarily designed to seamlessly blend with the Fidelity series of In-ceiling and In-wall loudspeakers but can work equally well with any high-quality speaker system. It features inputs for both high speaker level and low line level signals, each with independent gain controls. These inputs can be used simultaneously and the sub further integrated into the speaker system with crossover point and full phase control adjustment.



Browse the subwoofers available on our website, and get in touch to talk about your home cinema needs.





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